Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Creative Mess!

So...tomorrow is the last day of 2014, and per usual, it's the time of year when I start to look back at what I've accomplished and what I haven't.  I also make a list of what I hope to accomplish next year.  Yes, I pat myself on the back a little, because let's be honest, mom's don't usually get a lot of praise for  all the stuff we do every day.  I also do this to give myself a little boost of encouragement so I can tackle next year's challenges; kinda like psyching myself up for a big race. (Metaphorically speaking of course, cause I don't run, and I mean never).  This year, my evaluation is not helping though.  I'm looking back and seeing more things I didn't do than I actually did.  For example, I didn't spend very much time in my craft room creating, which is how I'd really like to spend the majority of my time.  When I did create stuff, I didn't blog about it, which is my other favorite thing to do.  I actually had a few friends say, "Hey!  You haven't posted anything in awhile.  Are you still alive?  What's going on?"

In truth, my lack of blogging is mostly due to the fact that my craft room spent 90% of the year looking like this:

Not even kidding.  How can anything creative happen in a space like that?  What's worse, I noticed a disturbing trend.  I start a lot of things.  I start a lot of things all at once.  I start them with a passion, but the passion fades or fizzles out entirely or I move on to the next something that seems more alluring at the time.  I've got no stamina. 

On the bright side, I guess this means I'd be good at sprinting.  If I were a runner.  Which I am not.  And I'd be terrible, horrible, awful, no good, very bad at long distances.  And really, who cares about the sprinters?  No one puts a 500 meter dash sticker on their car.  It's the marathoners who get all the glory.  So, how do I keep my interest and passion going long enough to finish?  Is that possible?  How do I finish WELL?

Supposedly, new habits take 21 days to form.  In theory, science tells us that twenty-one days of consistently doing a new thing will change it into a habit.  I can't say this really works on my kids.  I've been telling them to leave their shoes by the door every day for the past 6 to 11 years, and I still find multiple pairs of shoes in random places throughout the house quite regularly.  However, for the sake of my future creative self, I'm choosing to believe wholeheartedly in the possibility that change can and will happen.  I can start one project at a time and actually finish it before moving on to another.  I can form new habits that will keep my room tidy and organized so some real creative work can actually happen in that space.  But I need a little direction and encouragement to keep me going.

Enter in Kathi Lipp's new book, "Clutter Free: Quick and Easy Steps to Simplifying Your Space."  Oh yes!  This book was created specifically for people like me.  Kathi also launched a new 21 Day Clutter Free Challenge.  Even better.  So I'm jumping in with both feet and posting my progress here (and on Facebook) in the hopes that it will keep me honest and keep me moving forward towards the finish line.  If you find me stalled on the side of the road, please give me a swift kick in the rear or dump some cold water on my head to get me up and moving again. 

New year, new plan.  If anyone else shares my dream of a de-cluttered house, garage, or work space, you can participate in Kathi's 21 Day Clutter Free Challenge, by signing up here.
I am happy to say that my messy craft room now looks like this:
One of the biggest problems of having a messy craft room, was the amount of time it took to find the supplies and tools I needed, before I could even start on a project. Kathi pointed out how much time is wasted searching for lost stuff. Being clutter-free allows me to be more productive. When I manage my stuff more effectively, I can manage my time more efficiently. Now that I have cleared the clutter, I spend far less time searching for supplies, which frees up more time for me to do the crafts I love. In addition, the space is much more inviting. I just love relaxing and creating in my beautiful, clutter-free room.  #ClutterFree
Thank you Kathi Lipp!

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