Saturday, February 11, 2012

Kid's Valentine's Ideas

I've been perusing Pinterest over the last few weeks and there are some cute and clever Valentine ideas out there. If you have a Pinterest account, you've probably seen many of these already. For those of you who do not have a Pinterest account, here is a sampling of some of the great Valentine card ideas I found that other talented women have created. These are mostly ideas for kids, but some could be used for teens or adapted for adult cards as well.

Many of the sites listed below have free, printable templates. Most of these ideas are simple enough to make quickly and may be the perfect last-minute choice. There's still time to make inexpensive, handmade, adorable Valentines that kids will love. Click on the links to view the original sources.
Fish Bowl Valentine's using Swedish Fish
She offers a printable template available through her Etsy store for $5.
Colored Tape Valentine's
These cards are very simple and would be great for a teen. This blog also has a tutorial for tissue paper flowers, which she arranged into a heart shape as a beautiful wall decoration. Looks like she has a lot of cool creative ideas...I'm definitely following her blog.

Have a Ball Valentine
Here's a quick and easy idea. I've seen another saying that would also work; "Valentine, you make my heart bounce."
Love Bug
There is a free printable mason jar template that says "Happy Valentine's Day Love Bug" and then you tie on a plastic bug. Super cute! From Dandee Designs
Friendship Bracelet Valentines
These say "Our class would Knot be the same without you." These are also from Dandee Designs.
I've Got My Eye On You
Magnifying glass Valentine. Another Dandee creation. Check out her blog for even more cute ideas that I didn't list here.

Wild About You
These are my favorite, if you can find a tube of plastic safari animals, this would make a great valentine for a wide age range. Free printable available on her blog, "Design Mom."
Heart Shaped Crayon Valentine's
Make these cute little heart shaped crayons at home with your kids. "A Sprinkle of This" blog has complete instructions and a free printable.
O'Fish'ally Be Mine?
These adorable little Valentines are great for toddlers. They say, "Will you o'fish'ally be my valentine?" Download free printables and instructions from her site.
Crocadile or Alligator Valentine
Says, "I'd SNAP at the chance to be your Valentine." Download the printable file to build your own.
Smartie Pants
Includes full color PDF files that you can print to assemble this 3-dimensional card. Then, just nsert a couple of Smarties candies. Genius!
I'm Bananas For You
This cute little monkey can be found on the Fiskars website along with a tutorial. Adorable.
Cereal-sly Like You
I've seen multiple renditions of this one, each time a little bit different. Some use the mini boxes of cereal. Some people buy a big box of cereal and re-package it into smaller jars or bags that tie. Some say, "Valentine, I cereal-sly like you." Others use sayings that are more specific to the type of cereal, for example, on a box of Lucky Charms you might use the phrase, "I'm lucky to have you as my friend Valentine" or "You've charmed your way into my heart," etc.

I know I found this picture somewhere on Pinterest, but I forgot to pin it, and now I can't find the link, so I can't give you the source of this photo, but it was too cute to exclude it. (If anyone has the orignal link for this photo, please put it in the comments so I can add the source).
Did you make homemade Valentines for kids this year? We want to see them! Put a link to your creations in the comments below.
Happy crafting!

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