Thursday, January 3, 2013

Star Wars Themed Boys Room

My 7-year old son loves Star Wars, so his bedroom is a a wonderful sci-fi mixture of the trilogies and the Clone Wars.  I've seen some really cool Star Wars themed rooms out there.  You could dump a lot of money on creating a totally sweet bed that looks like the Millennium Falcom or the inside of the cockpit of a Fighter starship, but you don't have to.  There are lots of easy things you can do to create an awesome Star Wars themed room without spending a fortune.

My mother-in-law saved a few of my husband's old Star Wars figurines, along with a calendar that included pictures from the first trilogy.  I framed the calendar pages with their matching figurines in shadowbox frames, and I love the way they turned out.  They hang on the wall above his desk.

I also bought some vinyl clings to put up in various empty spots and a couple of posters I found on  Some I framed, others I just hung up as is using 3M products.  They also have vinyl clings or stickers with memorable quotes from the movies, which would be a fun addition.  Our walls are textured, and those stickers don't stay on very well.  If you have the same problem, try using a piece of plexiglass, metal, wood board, or canvas instead of putting the stickers directly on the wall. 

The walls were already painted a light grey.  For the ceiling, I used a faux painting technique with a special roller called "The Woolie," which is a double roller and comes with a separated tray so you can use two colors at once.  You apply the paint in a large, over-lapping V pattern.  I used a dark blue paint color and a black paint color.  I used semi-gloss, but if I had to do it over again, I'd probably go with less gloss, either completely flat or eggshell maybe.  I covered the whole ceiling, plus 18 inches down on the walls on all four sides.  This gave it a dome effect.  The picture doesn't show all the detail, but you get the drift...

Onto the first, I used glow in the dark paint to make stars, but the consistency was really runny and hard to control.  Also, it was transparent, so it was hard to see what I was doing.  Plus it didn't glow very well.  I decided to try blacklight-sensitve paint instead.  I found some wonderful fluorescent paints to make the stars and a galaxy.  We bought a large blacklight and the stars really pop out.  It looks amazing at night.  For the final touch, we bought some model starships, put them together, and hung them from the ceiling using fish-line so they look like they are flying.  We put Rebels on one side of the room and The Republic on the other.  They are facing each other, like they are heading into battle.

I also painted the Death Star on canvas and added some fluorescent details to it as well. 

If you are not a painter, try wallpaper, borders, or stencils.
For the bed I bought a plain, solid blue comforter and dressed it up with some Star Wars pillows and a plush Yoda.  I saw some cool pillows on where they took a solid color pillowcase and appliqued symbols for the Republic and the Rebels that were cut out of felt.  Looked easy enough to do on my own, so that project is still on my to-do list.  We also purchased a Bobo Fett lamp/clock.

Here are some of the other cool things I found online:


Vinyl Clings & Wall Stickers:

Wampa Rug: 

Voice Activated R2D2: (for the older kid)

Anyone else have some cool Star Wars room ideas?  Please share!

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